Growing Up Old Time Photo...
A Family "Scouting Vacation" to Gatlinburg, TN led to the creation of Frankenmuth Old Time Photo...and what some call the "Most Fun In All of Frankenmuth"!!

Possibly the most photographed kids in America help participate, model, and give vivid advise to the advancement of our stores...

These Turkeys (Left) are the driving force and future owners of Frankenmuth Old Time Photo...Between school, sports, and extracurriculars they can be found putting clothes away, sweeping floors, and randomly strolling the streets of Frankenmuth!!
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Frankenmuth Old Time Photo
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4 Kids, 5 Staff Members, 2 Frankenmuth Locations, And Memories That Last A Lifetime!!
The real heart and soul of Frankenmuth Old Time Photo are the photographers/entertainers/ladies who wear a million hats....and hold down the fort 363 days a year (more than Bronners...not bragging or anything!!